Magazine cover story



Lovely to be the September cover star for the Hong Kong Gafencu magazine.

Where I talk on healthy living, fashion, fame, and finding entrepreneurial success.

《高峰傲》企業家生活雜誌,九月號封面人物訪問 💕




Cover story : Where actress-turned-entrepreneur Fanny Sieh goes , others inevitably follow






~💖~   Behind the scenes of magazine shooting   ~💖~






amfAR Hong Kong Gala 

✨ amfAR Hong Kong Gala 2017 , contribution to the fight against HIV AIDS. Such a glamorous night for good cause  ✨

美國愛滋病硏究基金 慈善晚宴,美麗有意義的一夜,做慈善,人美心更美!

X ❤️  Dame Fanny

Korean pop star Ahn Jae Hyeon 安宰賢

Kung Fu legendary star Jackie Chan  成龍

amfAR Hong Kong Gala chairlady Pansy Ho  何超瓊

amfAR Gala producer Andy Boose

amfAR chairman of the board Kenneth Cole

fashion designer Michael Russo of Ralph and Russo

chairman Kenneth Cole

Women’s Day



Happy International Women’s Day!

Empowerment of a modern woman 🌸🌈❤️


My perspective of a modern woman:

With her skin soft as milk, and voice of a singing bird; yet her mind strong as the ground, and her confidence firm as the wall.

With her body healthy and toned, yet she moves softly like a willow.

With her romantic eyes to see and feel the beautiful things of life; yet with a golden heart to help and speak up for the unfortunate and underprivileged ones.


She’s in love with her life, every minute of it.

She loves her body, her age, her job, her knowledge, her identity, her family, her children.


This is me. I’m proud of myself. So should you.

Celebrate the strength and courage of women around the world.

Happy International Women’s Day !

#BeStrong  #BeBrave  #BeKind  #BeCompassionate  #BeClassy  #BeSexy  #BeIndependent   🌷❤️


女人有3件事不能停!第一不能停止學習,第二不能停止美麗,第三不能停止賺錢。 學習能提升氣質,美麗能帶來自信,獨立能受到尊重。活在當下,讓自己正面又快樂,去找自己喜歡做的事,找對的環境,找對的人,祝三八婦女節快樂! 🌸🌈❤️










Festive Dressing 

It’s the end of the year and approaching a new year 2017 soon.

I love this time of the year.  It’s fun to dress up for the festive season.  From the fun Halloween,  to private gathering with the Hong Kong and Korean movie stars and singers, to a black tie wedding banquet… White and red are among my favorite colors.

Fashion should be fun, creative and sexy.   Be a fashionista leader not a follower.

xx  Fanny  💋

* Newspaper coverage ~ from Oriental Daily News「東方日報」新聞 *
名人:化身性感「狐妖」 薛芷倫恨拍拖


* Newspaper coverage ~ from Apple Daily News「蘋果日報」新聞 *

【add即時.尚】萬聖節潮裝:薛芷倫唔畫鬼臉 秋冬熱選動物耳仔帽搶鏡


* Newspaper coverage ~ from Apple Daily News「蘋果日報」新聞 *

【唔一定要鬥恐怖】貓耳帽小背心 性感薛芷倫風騷擺尾


開心果 歐陽震華 😁

同姓三分親,家燕媽媽很有親切感喔 😘

美魔女 羅霖 💃🏻

很久沒見的 王喜 😊

香港第一公關 鄭紹康

調皮的包包 🐷🐷

韓國天王組合 Big Bang 的成員 勝利 ✌️ Seungri from Big Bang, Korea

Big Bang’s Suengri 勝利 😍

美艷親王 劉嘉玲

大美人 關之琳

London trip 


Hello my favorite city London 🇬🇧 I love the British nostalgic vibes.  🌹❤️🌹

xx 💋 Fanny

Park Chinois


Sketch Gallery


The Ivy Chelsea Garden


The Ivy Chelsea Garden


Sketch Gallery


High tea @Sketch

Monaco Yacht Show

French Riviera, Sun, Sea and Mega Yacht. C’est la vie!



* Media coverage from Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily News

香港「東方日報」新聞報導 *



X💋 Fanny

Beautiful vibe in Monaco 💕

Sun, sea and superyacht 💋

Sun, sea and mega yacht. Awesome Monaco Yacht Show

Dinner is served onboard 🍷🍧

It was an awesome enjoyment to be onboard of Domani, the custom made luxurious Benetti yacht

I just love these fold-out side balconies on Benetti yacht 💕

Côte d’Azur, Sun, Sea, and Benetti Superyacht Domani 💕

Monaco by night ✨


The First Lady of Hong Kong 

It was my honor to join the First Lady of Hong Kong, Regina Leung and her lovely daughters for a warm cozy family dinner at my restaurant MOTT 32

Happy belated birthday to Chai Yan and sending my love to the gorgeous and high spirited princess 👯👯💕💕

很榮幸在我的中餐館,參與這晚很溫馨的家庭聚會,和香港特首夫人 梁唐青儀 的私人晚聚,完全感覺到她的親和力,她與梁齊昕的母女情,從簡單的一個手勢、一句善語,亦感受得到喔。💘

xx  Fanny 💕



Thr First Lady of Hong Kong, Regina Leung



Hong Kong Chief Executive C.Y. Leung’s daughter Chai Yan



A warm cozy dinner at my restaurant Mott 32 卅二公館



Girl power 👯💕

Summer kisses💋 at Maldives ☀️🌴


Sweet dreams are made of these.  Come travel with me to the beautiful islands of Maldives.

xx  Fanny 💕



Enter a caption

On the LVMH Cheval Blanc seaplane. Happy holiday at Maldives 😍



Arriving in style on private seaplane ☀️



Feels like paradise at Maldives beach ☀️🌴



Namaste 🙏💗 at Maldives beach 🌴



Beautiful beyond belief 💖



Love the most beautiful blue 💙



Waking up to the Indian Ocean



Chilling by the pool bar 🌸🍸



Paradise island ☀️🌴



LVMH Cheval Blanc villa ✨



By the sea 💋



Getting wet at the villa 😘



Afternoon delight ☀️🍹🌴



A dream spa 💖



Romantic dinner 💕



Luxurious dinner with the French touch



Feels like in Paris



Peace and tranquility at Maldives night 🌙









Simplicity is happiness 💕



Love the spaciousness of my villa 🏡💕



And the high ceiling 🏡💕









Night time romance 💘



I left my heart in Maldives 💗💗



Bisous Maldives xx💋




Chinese painting world record 

I had the privilege of meeting Cui Ruzhuo, who sets the world record of the most expensive living Chinese artist at auction. His painting 《Snowy Spring》was sold at 306 million Hong Kong dollars ( 39.5 million US dollars ) at Poly Auction Hong Kong. 

崔如琢大師的《飛雪伴春》昨天春拍以 3.06億港元 創造在世中國畫家世界紀錄,崔老師是在世中國畫家拍賣最高價紀錄保持者,是中國藝術界的國寶。