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薛芷倫 ~♡ 演員、名媛、社交皇后、女爵士、五屆最傑出衣着人士,七間餐廳~“卅二公館”老闆

Fanny Sieh ~♡ Actress, Socialite, Entrepreneur, Dame, Restaurant owner~Mott 32, Hong Kong’s best dressed personality award


畢業於美國紐約大學文學系,薛芷倫曾拍〈海濤髮廊〉等多個經典電視廣告進入娛樂圈,參與演出〈歌者戀歌〉、〈倩女幽魂 〉、〈我在黑社會的日子 〉等多部電影,「小說家族」之〈男燒衣〉,舞台劇〈以牙還牙〉,及「香港模特兒大賽」的製作和司儀。

嫁入馬家豪門後,成為社交名媛,有着"社交皇后"之稱,每次出席 Ball 場打扮艷光四射,品味受到推崇,被榮冠以 “Ball后” 稱號至今,除了揚名香港 Ball 塲,更蜚聲國際,獲 Valentino 邀請成為全港首位形象大使,並獲「明報周刊」頒與「2011星級企業大獎」的星級VIP大獎,此外,Fanny 奪得五屆「最傑出衣著人士大獎」,是獲頒該榮譽最多次數的香港記錄保持者。

回復單身後,Fanny 繼續致力參與慈善工作及活動,近年並熱衷於烹飪,崇尚健康飲食、有機生活,並在美國加州三藩市烹飪學校學廚,2014年投資進軍飲食界,掌舵位於中環的時尚中餐廳「Mott 32 卅二公館」,Fanny現已是七間設在香港的中、西餐廳 ~ Mott 32,Blue Butcher,Brickhouse,Fish and Meat,Limewood,Mercedes Me,Stockton 的老闆,最新的 Mott 32 亦已經在加拿大溫哥華開業。

薛芷倫在2014年9月獲授勳「馬爾他騎士團 Knights of Malta」封爵,正式封為「女爵士 」。

現加入部落格用 Ball Queen 的稱呼,以日記形式分享健康食譜、保健心得、扮靚、旅遊和生活品味。

x💋  薛芷倫爵士


Graduated from New York University, Dame Fanny Sieh is a movie actress, socialite, entrepreneur, philanthropist, restaurants owner and Hong Kong’s best dressed award personality.

Fanny left the movie scene after she got married to a wealthy tycoon.  She became the most photographed socialite and has been maintaining a strong bondage with the upper class society, world renowned fashion designers, chief editors and media press from newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong and internationally.

Fanny has long been the fashion icon of Hong Kong.  She was the winner of “Best Dressed Personality Award 2011” and it was already the 5th time for her to receive this prestigious award.  Fanny broke the record of the “Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association” to be the most awarded winner of the female “Best Dressed Personality in Hong Kong”.  She was the first Valentino ambassador in Hong Kong and she was honored with “Queen of the Elite Awards 2011” by MingPao Weekly Magazine.  Fanny has always been honored to be the “Ball Queen” for her renowned taste and style, and has been one of the most photographed and favorite celebrity in Hong Kong.

After divorced and became single again, Fanny continued to participate and contribute in charity work and events.  Recently she has claimed passion and refined interest in healthy food cooking and in pursuing for a healthy and organic lifestyle.  She spends a keen amount of attention and energy in knowing the ingredients and nutrition of food, the proper preparation, and finds great enjoyment in cooking healthy food.  To follow her passion, Fanny has enrolled in San Francisco Cooking School.

In 2014, Fanny has ventured into the Food and Beverage industry with her investment in the chic and stylish Chinese restaurant [ Mott 32 ] in Central, Hong Kong.  Fanny is now the owner of  7 restaurants — Mott 32, Blue Butcher, Brickhouse, Fish and Meat, Limewood, Mercedes Me, Stockton… and the just newly opened Mott 32 in Trump Tower, Vancouver Canada in 2017.

In September 2014, It is Fanny’s great honor to receive the Honorary Damehood by the Knights of Malta and she is officially titled as ” Dame Fanny “, conferred by a sovereign in recognition of personal merit or service to the country.

Come into Fanny’s blog, join in her journey of healthy and glamorous lifestyle, share her passion for food and fitness, beauty and fashion, traveling and the good quality of life.

X💋  Dame Fanny Sieh

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