Festive Dressing 

It’s the end of the year and approaching a new year 2017 soon.

I love this time of the year.  It’s fun to dress up for the festive season.  From the fun Halloween,  to private gathering with the Hong Kong and Korean movie stars and singers, to a black tie wedding banquet… White and red are among my favorite colors.

Fashion should be fun, creative and sexy.   Be a fashionista leader not a follower.

xx  Fanny  💋

* Newspaper coverage ~ from Oriental Daily News「東方日報」新聞 *
名人:化身性感「狐妖」 薛芷倫恨拍拖



* Newspaper coverage ~ from Apple Daily News「蘋果日報」新聞 *

【add即時.尚】萬聖節潮裝:薛芷倫唔畫鬼臉 秋冬熱選動物耳仔帽搶鏡


* Newspaper coverage ~ from Apple Daily News「蘋果日報」新聞 *

【唔一定要鬥恐怖】貓耳帽小背心 性感薛芷倫風騷擺尾


開心果 歐陽震華 😁

同姓三分親,家燕媽媽很有親切感喔 😘

美魔女 羅霖 💃🏻

很久沒見的 王喜 😊

香港第一公關 鄭紹康

調皮的包包 🐷🐷

韓國天王組合 Big Bang 的成員 勝利 ✌️ Seungri from Big Bang, Korea

Big Bang’s Suengri 勝利 😍

美艷親王 劉嘉玲

大美人 關之琳