Leon Lai good show 



很精彩感動的《黎明入行三十周年4D演唱會》,大家都會把今晚溫暖的回憶,好好收放在 database 裡面。與黎明相識三十年,絕對是一個美好的回憶,也是香港人的集體回憶。

1986年我和黎明同是在娛樂圈初出道,合拍了TVB港劇《段落》而相遇,至今三十年,「黎明2016入行三十周年4D演唱會」這麼有誠意的演唱會令所有觀眾動容,這個晚上美麗的段落,good show Leon!

Hong Kong renowned singer and actor Leon Lai’s 30th anniversary 4D concert tonight and back then was when we met 30 years ago acting in the TVB drama.

💕  xx  Fanny














It was a rainstorm warning signal night, but didn’t stop the audience’s passion.


Good show Leon!


胡楓,薛芷倫   With Leon’s godfather ~*




Leon looking handsome in the Tom Ford suit.


An awesome night to remember.

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