Farewell ATV

April 1st is not only the April Fool’s Day, it is also a sad day for Hong Kong television history. 

Hong Kong’s oldest television station Asia Television was officially shutdown and went off the air at the midnight of April 1st after years of financial and managerial turmoil as its free-to-air licence expired. 

Here’s throwback to when i was the judge for Mr Asia contest and the performer for Miss Asia contest. Farewell to ATV’s 59 years of tv station history. 


我曾擔任亞洲先生選舉評判,亞洲小姐表演嘉賓,模特兒大賽司儀,參與這些時尚綜合節目,都是見証歷史的時刻,曾經的光輝歲月,再見亞洲電視,bye bye ATV!

xx  Fanny 💕 

I was the judge for Mr Asia 2011


The final contestants

The judge panel

Judges and the winners

Mr Asia 2011 winner from Taiwan

Mr Asia 1st runner-up from Korea

Mr Asia 2nd runner-up from Hong Kong


I was the special guest performer for Miss Asia contest 1988


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