Happy Easter


Easter is a time for rebirth and reflection. Life is an ongoing process of growth, reborn, and transformation.  As long as I live each day a little better and happier than I was yesterday, I’m already very satisfied.

Have a Happy Easter!


生命就是不斷地向前,重生,進步,不要在人群中迷失方向,只要每天都活得比昨天好一點、進步一點,我便自覺很滿足快樂。 對我來說,每天都是新的開始,以正能量看人與事,世界是會變得美好的。



xx  Fanny   🐣🐥💕






amfAR Hong Kong 2016



It is the 2nd annual amfAR Ball held in Hong Kong, the event that looks for love and care. Hope to cure AIDS and Make Aids History!




amfAR HK gala red carpet



Coco Lee , Laurinda Ho



Michelle Yeoh


Hidetoshi Nakata



Mr. Jimmy Choo


Adrien Brody


Coco Lee


Pansy Ho , chairlady of amfAR Hong Kong



Triplets Luu brothers


Congrats to the success of amfAR HK


xx Fanny  💕