NYU Halloween Ball

* Newspaper coverage ~ form Oriental Daily News 「東方日報」新聞 *


This year’s Halloween was a fun and meaningful night at the New York University Alumni Halloween Charity Ball.

I’ve really had the times of my life during my undergraduate years at the New York University. Tonight it’s so nice to catch up with old school mates. Yes we’re older now but yet wiser. Cheers and Happy Halloween! 🎃👻🍭


我今晚的造型是天使 Angel Baby,因為萬聖節太多猛鬼,所以我扮成一個天使,而且我有顆天使的心,這個世界實在太多魔鬼喇!萬聖節快樂!🎃👻✨

xx  Fanny 💕


Tonight I’m the Angel Baby  💋

The theme of the night ~ Hollywood Costume Ball

The sweeties ~ angel baby , black swans and white swans   👯💕💕👯

Oops…you caught me  😝🍭

Best costume of the Ball ~ angel baby and Indiana Jones  🎃👻✨

…and Buddy Holly!Great suit, buddy 👔✨

…and Audrey Hepburn at breakfast 💄

Happy Halloween !!  👯🎃👻🍭✨

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