Mingpao Weekly anniversary「明報周刊」週年派對


Happy 47th birthday to a good old friend 《Mingpao Weekly magazine》

xx  Fanny 💕

Shirt:vintage YSL

Skirt:vintage Fendi


Russia Charity Gala

Splendor of Russia Charity Gala for the Sheen Hok Foundation to the benefit of children with Amblyopia in China. Love my Balmain x H&M dress.

《善學慈善基金會》協助中國弱視兒童,慈善籌款晚宴,主題是俄羅斯之夜,美麗有意義的一晩。我穿著的這件 Balmain x H&M 晚裝裙,新鮮出爐,正在網上炒得熱烘烘!
X  Fanny 💃🏻

Halloween homecooking 🎃🍭


~  藜麥蕃薯餅,南瓜洋蔥腰果湯,焗鮭魚配蕃茄羽衣甘藍,肉桂南瓜餡餅。我用的都是天然健康食材,素食,其實也可以很美味的啊!

My Halloween home cooking dinner 🎃

~ Quinoa sweet potato cake,  pumpkin soup,  baked salmon with kale and tomato sauce,  cinnamon pumpkin pie.  All nutritious and natural ingredients.

xx💋  Fanny Sieh  薛芷倫

My home cooking Halloween dinner. Pumpkin is seasonal now , ripe and sweet.

Yes , and I only use natural and healthy ingredients.

Quinoa Sweet Potato Cake ,  Baked Salmon with Kale and Tomato puree sauce , Cinnamon Pumpkin Pie

Vegan Pumpkin Soup ~ no cream, no butter, no oil.  Still tastes yummy with all natural ingredients.  To make it more delicious, you can add in more ingredients like carrot, celery, potato.

Peel , clean , slice the pumpkin. I’m using butternut squash here. Finely slice the onion.

Boil some water under high heat. Add the onions and cook until they are soft.

Add in a little more water if needed.

When the onions are ready , add in the pumpkin and stir.

Add in the vegetable stock to just cover the ingredients slightly.

Bring the stock to simmer , cover the lid and turn down the heat to low. Simmer for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, turn off the heat and add in rosemary. Cover with the lid and let the rosemary infuse into the stock for 20 minutes.

Remove the rosemary and place the cooked ingredients into a food processor and blend at high speed for 30 seconds.

Add a pinch of cayenne pepper , sea salt and crushed cashew nuts.

Bon Appetit !!!

NYU Halloween Ball

* Newspaper coverage ~ form Oriental Daily News 「東方日報」新聞 *


This year’s Halloween was a fun and meaningful night at the New York University Alumni Halloween Charity Ball.

I’ve really had the times of my life during my undergraduate years at the New York University. Tonight it’s so nice to catch up with old school mates. Yes we’re older now but yet wiser. Cheers and Happy Halloween! 🎃👻🍭


我今晚的造型是天使 Angel Baby,因為萬聖節太多猛鬼,所以我扮成一個天使,而且我有顆天使的心,這個世界實在太多魔鬼喇!萬聖節快樂!🎃👻✨

xx  Fanny 💕


Tonight I’m the Angel Baby  💋

The theme of the night ~ Hollywood Costume Ball

The sweeties ~ angel baby , black swans and white swans   👯💕💕👯

Oops…you caught me  😝🍭

Best costume of the Ball ~ angel baby and Indiana Jones  🎃👻✨

…and Buddy Holly!Great suit, buddy 👔✨

…and Audrey Hepburn at breakfast 💄

Happy Halloween !!  👯🎃👻🍭✨