Masterchef Gordon Ramsay

A great pleasure to meet the unspeakably charming Masterchef Gordon Ramsay, at his new restaurant London House Hong Kong opening party!

It is Mr Ramsay’s second restaurant in Hong Kong, Bread Street Kitchen was the first one opened last year.

I always enjoy watching his TV program Masterchef and tonight I’m his little fan feeling so happy to get his autograph.

英國著名廚神 Gordon Ramsay 在香港的新餐廳 London House 開幕,他的真人魅力非凡,果真是國際級人物,我喜歡看他的烹飪節目MasterChef,是他的小粉絲,今晚很興奮得到他的私人親筆簽名!

xx  Fanny ♡

* Newspaper coverage ~from Oriental Daily News 「東方日報」新聞 *

My jumpsuit:Diane von Furstenberg

My clutch: Hermès

My mood:😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

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