Hong Kong Tatler Ball

✨ Hong Kong Tatler Ball  2015 ✨

Hong Kong Tatler 雜誌 38年內一直是報導香港的上流社會、社交、經濟和文化界動態,最有代表性的亞洲區英文雜誌。


See how the stars shine at the 38th Hong Kong Tatler Ball at the Grand Hyatt hotel ballroom.

It was indeed a glamorous night to remember!

🌹  Fanny  xx

🌹   🌹   🌹   🌹   🌹   🌹   🌹

My video news coverage from Oriental Daily news  東方日報 ~*

我說:” 當每個人都在講投資與回報,我本人覺得投資在家庭小朋友的回報,比賺取金錢得來的回報,帶來更多快樂和滿足。”

I said, ” In my opinion, the return of giving time and love into family and children can bring far more happiness than the return of investing money into business and stock.”



Let’s shine bright like a diamond tonight.✨

The dress code :  All That Shines

The red carpet moment ~* ❤️

At the Hong Kong Grand Hyatt Ballroom ~* 🍸✨

With the beautiful transgender starlet Poyd Treechada from Thailand. 💋

With Cissy Wang 汪詩詩 , the glamorous wife of Kung Fu master Donnie Yen 甄子丹

With Hong Kong fashion blogger

With Hong Kong restaurateur

With gorgeous model-mum Kathy Chow 周汶錡 and Hong Kong No.1 PR Francis Cheng 鄭紹康

A beautiful night to remember!

Congratulations HK TATLER ❤️

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