Mercedes Me HK ~ Grand Opening

香港的餐廳飲食文化將會邁向新紀元國際化,我的飲食集團最新概念餐廳,與享譽全球的平治汽車 Mercedes Benz 梅塞德斯奔馳 合作,把尊貴品味及美食融合,MERCEDES ME 在中環正式開幕!開幕典禮上,平治車隊包括無人駕駛的F015,真的是大開眼界!

MERCEDES ME is my restaurant group Maximal Concepts’ new collaboration with Mercedes Benz to create Hong Kong’s first lifestyle restaurant, bar and concept-car showroom. It was an awesome Grand Opening night. Mercedes-Benz F015 autonomous drive research car with zero emission was especially flown in for the opening night, a milestone into the future.

💋 Mercedes Me Hong Kong restaurant:Shop C & D, Ground Floor, Entertainment Building, No.30 Queen’s Road.

Tel : +852 2895 7398

Grand Opening party video news ~ Oriental Daily news

香港平治概念店餐廳隆重開幕 ~「東方日報」新聞

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