Miami Vibe

邁阿密真的是一個好地方,陽光普照,整個城市是棕櫚椰樹植物、和白沙灘,所以空氣質量好,乾淨富裕,男女都是棕褐皮膚健美身形,充滿南美色彩,他們喜愛拉丁音樂、南美洲美食,已逝的時裝設計師范思哲 Gianni Versace 的豪宅坐落在邁阿密海灘,如今已變成了餐廳,十八年前就是在這門前石級上被槍殺的。

Miami is a beautiful city. The endless blue sky and sunshine, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. The palm trees and coconut trees, plantations and greens everywhere make the air so crispy clean. The coastal resort condos, Art Deco architecture, Latino music culture, beach parties, sun kissed tan, innovative cocktails, and yes of cos the shopping, are all just awesome.

Miami Beach  ☀️🌴

Trees and plantations everywhere make the air crispy clean

Gianni Versace’s Miami Beach mansion

Where he was murdered on its step 18 years ago

It has now become a restaurant ” Il Sole ”

Our beloved legendary fashion designer late Gianni Versace was murdered on these steps

The Versace House

And the medusa lives on

Art Deco stylish decor

Art Deco district on Ocean Drive, South Beach

Ocean Drive, South Beach

Mexican Bulldog Margarita ~ one of those innovative cocktails

Fish taco Caribbean style

Endless blue sky and sunshine

❤️ Miami

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